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Blue Lagoon's attractive birth pools are ideal for the job!

Our beautiful yet practical portable birth pools have been used by hundreds of satisfied women since 1992. The majority of our hirers are referred to us by their midwives or friends. We are proud of our personal service and our unblemished ‘infection control’ record since we started hiring out pools 21 years ago.


Birthpool with accessories



The design:


Choosing the right equipment can be confusing. At Blue Lagoon we have just the right package for you including a tried and tested design (over 16 years), which offers all you need to provide an ideal environment to labour and give birth in.

The dilema of choosing the correct shape Birth Pool

Blue Lagoon birth pools are hexagonal in shape and have been designed specifically for their purpose, being hand-built by craftsmen from attractive, robust natural wood. The walls are well insulated and the birth pool retains its heat during many hours of use, requiring minimum top-up.

We hold a variety of sizes of birth pool to suit different height women and all our pools allow for more than one person in the pool, if desired. We believe all our pools offer an optimum depth for the labouring woman to comfortably kneel, squat or sit; buoyancy effectively ‘cushions’ the woman in the pool.

Midwives have commented on how secure they feel with a pool with solid sides. Should they need to lean in to the labouring woman there is no danger of the sides dipping under their weight, which could lead to the possibility of flooding the floor with a wave of water!

We have found that our customers also feel more secure in a pool with rigid vertical sides. The thick PVC shaped liner which holds the water in our pools is protected by the wooden shell of the pool, minimising the possibility of puncturing.

The robust sides of the birth pool provide something solid to push against during the birth process, if you wish. You can brace yourself in any position that feels right at any time during the labour and yet at the next moment be floating free, cushioned by the bouyancy of the warm water. At least two people can sit on the edge of the pool if necessary.

The rim of each pool is made of smoothly planed wood which is wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably on the edge as you get in and out and is pleasant to lean on when you are in the pool. We provide a padded cushion to clip to the rim for extra comfort.

The vertical sides allow you to face outwards (leaning on your arms) if you wish, without having to lean uncomfortably over your bump.

The hexagonal shape allows you to sit in one of the angles of the pool and rest both arms on the rim without having to stretch them too far back.

An internal seat can be created by placing a small bean bag under the liner before filling, in one of the hexagonal corners. With the pressure of the water as it fills, this turns into a firm little seat to give extra flexibility for those who would like it.



This photo shows one of our larger pools which here is being used at a birth workshop but which shows the approximate size of our portable baptistries.


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Rewarding experience in a Blue Lagoon Pool; Our hexagonal birth pools designed specifically for their purpose
‘I felt free from distractions and able to focus on what was going on in my body. It really helped me settle down and I was so relaxed in between contractions that a couple of times I actually dozed off!’
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Our birth pools start at 1.3 metres       (4’ 3”) wide which we believe is the minimum for a mother-to-be to enjoy the full benefit of using water for labour and/or birth. They measure between 1.3m (4’ 3”) and 1.55m (5’ 1”) across flats (a pair of parallel sides). Their maximum width dimension between the opposite corners of the hexagonal is between 1.50m (4’11”) and 1.78m (5’10”).

Our pools are also deeper than an ordinary bath at approximately 0.701 metres high (2 feet 4 inches).

Our birth pools weigh approximately 750 – 1000 Kg when filled, and have a capacity of 750 – 1000 litres (200 – 264 gallons).


measure: approximately1.55m (5’ 1”) across flats (a pair of parallel sides). with maximum width dimension between the opposite corners of the hexagonal approximately 1.78m (5’10”).

depth: 0.701 metres high (2 feet 4 inches).

weight: approximtely 1000kg when filled holding approximately 264 gallons




All our pools are the same cost to hire at £195 for an 'all-in' package. Please go to Hire Costs and Details for more information.



Unlike domestic baths, Blue Lagoon birth pools are well-insulated ; They retain their heat well, only losing an average of 1° every 3 hours . They can be easily topped up manually if the temperature drops slightly in use.

Blue Lagoon Pools are easy to assemble, (about 10 minutes), and come with all necessary accessories.

Our pools are portable so you can position them where you want, prior to filling. At home, we do generally recommend the ground floor, but we can give you practical advice to help you make a decision on location.

We pride ourselves on our attention to practical detail. For example, we make certain of which kind of tap adaptor will be likely to fit your taps, discuss which size of birthpool would best suit your needs, and can also give you practical advice on weight-loading and positioning your birthpool.

If you provide us with the relevant measurements of your floor we can give you some general structural advice to help you decide. Blue Lagoon has access to advice from a Structural Engineer.

It is worth knowing that we have never had any problems with weight loading since we started hiring out birth pools in 1992.

Filling our birth pools is straightforward, but filling time will depend on your supply of hot water. Most people find their domestic system is adequate to fill a pool in reasonable time.

We provide a small plastic stool (see picture) as one of our standard accessories. These types of stool should never be used by the labouring woman getting in or out of the pool. They are provided for use by the birth partner or midwife to sit on near the pool for convenience. This has been found to be highly effective.

We also provide a heat retention cover (see picture above) to help control the humidity and reduces any heat loss when not in use, once filled.

Emptying the pools is done with a submersible pump which can get rid of almost all of the water down to the last couple of centimetres. The pump comes with output hose-pipe, in its own box, and is fitted with a safety plug.

A trial run, once you receive your pool, is always worth while as amongst other benefits it also gives you a chance to see how long it will take to fill.

You can also use this opportunity to relax in the birth pool and practice positions suitable for an active labour and/or birth. You may even enjoy relaxing in the pool after the birth too.

We provide everyone who hires a pool from us with comprehensive instructions for assembly and use, offering more detail than we mention here.

You can also find a list of the accessories we provide on our Blue Lagoon Birth Pools - Hire Costs & Details page.

Always remember to follow our guidelines and the advice of your midwife.

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