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Find out more about Blue Lagoon Birth Pools by starting at our home page.

We have a base in the northwest in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and also in East Anglia near Woodbridge in Suffolk. If you are able to collect the equipment we enjoy spending time going through things with you. This is also possible when we personally deliver the equipment.

model in a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool

Our portable birth pools can be privately hired for use at home or in hospital. Even if a maternity unit has its own birth pool, it may not be available just when you need it as they have to run a first come first served rule.

Blue Lagoon Birth Pools are primarily used to support labour, but many women also give birth in them (waterbirth). We have been hiring out pools since 1992.

We have run regular birth workshops for expectant mums and their partners, midwives, birth educators and doulas for the past 15 years.

Hire Details


For only £195 Blue Lagoon Birth Pool’s standard hire package allows you to keep the pool for up to 4 weeks and provides you with all the necessary equipment ...

  • Attractive rigid hexagonal pool (transported in sections for a few minutes easy assembly)
  • Strong blue PVC liner
  • 10 metres of new ½ inch input hose-pipe with a universal tap adaptor (or an alternative once we discuss your requirements)
  • Pool thermometer - the pool is filled to body temperature water and our pools are so well insulated that they only lose about 1 degree every 3 hours or better.
  • Plastic sieve for any debris
  • Bucket for topping up the pool manually - this simple system is all that is needed to maintain the temperature. Generally only a couple of buckets every 2 or 3 hours is enough to keep it to temperature due to its good insulation
  • Small stool (for your birth partner or midwife to sit on next to the pool)
  • Floating heat retention cover to help control heat loss and humidity when filled but not in use
  • Water Treatment System producing active oxygen which allows you a reasonable extension on the time you can keep the water in the pool. This is provided as a complimentary optional extra as we feel it offers a safety factor regarding hygiene and infection control.
  • Submersible Pump & output hose-pipe for emptying the pool, - supplied in a separate box
  • Cleaning Agent (recommended to us by maternity units as ideal to clean the liner).
  • Guidelines for Assembly & Use


  relaxing in a birthpool practising for a waterbirth


Extra days beyond the end of the four week period is @£5.50 per day. Do not worry that you will not be able to keep the pool until the birth. Any extension of the hire period is settled up at the end of your hire.

Extra new input hose-pipe can be supplied @ £1 per metre. Just measure between the taps and where you intend to position the pool and add on a couple of metres to allow for it going down to the floor and up and over the side of the pool far enough for it not to ‘jump out’.

Disposable Liner: Some people prefer to have their own personal pool liner which fits inside the liner supplied with the pool. This can be supplied at a cost of £30. 

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birth pool accessory kit
‘John was sitting on the stool Blue Lagoon provide, right next to the birth pool. We could touch when I needed it and be very close, or I could float away to the other side. I didn’t want him  actually in the pool though, that space was mine!  Suddenly, in second stage, it felt completely right to have him in and it was so fulfilling to be together in the pool for the actual birth’.
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Birth Pool with accessories


Deposit: If booking in advance, a non-refundable £50 deposit is required to reserve your pool. The balance of the full hire fee should be paid three weeks before your hire. Last minute hires must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Damage Retainer deposit: a separate £50 deposit is payable with all hires which is returnable when everything is received back and checked to be in good condition. We prefer a separate cheque for this.

Payment: cheques should be made out to Blue Lagoon Birth Pools and sent with your completed application form (which you can print off from our site or email to request one with a brochure).

cartoon relaxing in a birthpool dreaming of a blue lagoon

Transportation: Blue Lagoon has two bases – one in the Northwest in Skelmersdale in Lancashire (near Liverpool and Manchester), and the other in East Anglia in Rendlesham in Suffolk (near Woodbridge and Ipswich).

Since the equipment is designed to fit any standard car, you may choose to transport the birth pool yourself using one of our collection bases in Lancashire or Suffolk. This is a good option as we can answer any last minute questions while demonstrating how the pool fits together, and so on.

If you cannot collect & return the equipment yourself, your Blue Lagoon birth pool can be delivered to you anywhere in the country by carrier for next day delivery (week days only). Currently a standard charge of £40.00 each way is payable for this service.

Sometimes we transport the equipment ourselves (usually if you live within approximately 50 miles of one of our bases). The cost is the same - £40 each way.

When to hire your pool

Hire is recommended to begin 2 weeks before your due date. We can sometimes let you have your pool a little early if it is available, at no extra charge

Based on many years experience, we have tailored our birth pool hire package to make it as easy for you as we can.

Feedback over the years has shown us that once you get your pool, there is often a great sense of relief that “things are in place”.

Being able to automatically keep your birth pool for up to four weeks, means that should you have your baby around your due date, you have had time to get used to the pool and have some trial runs with it. After the birth, there is plenty of time to get your pool back to us by the end of the hire date, without any sense of pressure on timing.


PORTABLE BAPTISTRY: long weekend hire, minimum accessories, damage retainer deposit applies - £110 self-collection or plus transport within 50 mile radius, if required. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS.


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