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Happy customers who used a Blue Lagoon birth pool in many ways -

for antenatal relaxation, familiarization and practicing positions;

for labour;

for a waterbirth;

for postnatal relaxation

" Hiring the birthing pool was such a good decision. I had a low risk pregnancy with no concerns and so I was able to give birth at home, using the pool. It was an amazing form of pain relief, it helped me to feel so much more comfortable as the water supported my body and really helped with the pain.

Just after birth in a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool

I had to get out of the pool to be examined by the midwifes before the second stage and had a few contractions outside of the pool and the relief when I was able to get back into the pool was amazing.

The midwifes had brought gas and air but I did not feel like I had to use it as I felt that the pain relief of the water was so effective. I also found that being in my own space (the pool) helped me to get into a 'zone' and focus on the delivery, internalising everything and really concentrating on dealing with the labour and pushing the baby out.

My baby was delivered in the water and the midwife put him up on my chest. We were able to sit there, in the warm water (still warm after being filled 5 hours previously) for about 10 minutes just holding George and taking it all in. I also found that still being in the water at that point helped with the pain relief of immediately afterward.

I didn't get into the pool until I was 8cm and it really helped with the intensity of the contractions toward the end of the first stage and then the pushing stage. My labour was 7 hours in total and I was in the pool for 4 of those hours.

I would really recommend it to anyone considering a home birth. I will definitely be using it for any future births if possible.“

Helen C (July 2007)


A natural birth in a Blue Lagoon birth pool

'The pool has been amazing, thank you!  

Our beautiful baby was born in the pool

(10 days overdue and just time to have her

at home in the pool as our hospital don't

allow home birth past 10 days over)

and it was an amazing experience.

 I could not believe how much the water

helped me, I even fell asleep in the pool

in between contractions.  

Everything was so natural and instinctive

and went without a hitch'. JB  2009


‘The warm water was so soothing and supportive that I gradually became more confident, more in control and yet more liberated!’ ‘Okay’ I thought, ‘I can do this!’’ SR

‘As I sank into the warm water I let out a deep sigh of relief and immediately began to relax. I was amazed at the difference it made.’ AR

‘I found it much easier to cope with the contractions in the warm water. I’m so glad I chose this way to give birth.’ DL

  Satisfaction after a water birth in a birth pool

‘I felt free from distractions and able to focus on what was going on in my body. It really helped me settle down and I was so relaxed in between contractions that a couple of times I actually dozed off!’ SH

‘John was sitting on the stool Blue Lagoon provide, right next to the birth pool. We could touch when I needed it and be very close, or I could float away to the other side. I didn’t want him actually in the pool though, that space was mine! Suddenly, in second stage, it felt completely right to have him in and it was so fulfilling to be together in the pool for the actual birth’. A R

‘Once I got into my birth pool I stopped panicking. It was such an amazing feeling – as though I was safe and could forget about anything outside my beautiful womblike space.’


'In the end I didnt use the pool during labour - Ella arrived early the day after we got it and by the time it was assembled and filled, I was too far into labour to climb in. It was absolutely wonderful afterwards though - eased all the aches and pains beautifully. The supportive service from the Blue Lagoon staff was also much appreciated.' Amy Driver (see Amy's full birth story on the 'homebirth' website


‘My birth pool was my haven!. Things really got going once I got in. My contractions seemed to settle into a rhythm, and I was oblivious of everything else’.


"I feel the use of water during childbirth to be of great benefit. Not only does it envelope you with warmth, but it also takes some of the weight from your body allowing you to relax more and so enhances the progression of labour.

It enables you to move from one position to another with as little effort as possible and for those who want to remain upright it gives wonderful support to achieve that, either with or without the help of a partner.

For myself and many others who enjoy the feeling of water the use of a birthing pool has provided security and comfort to empower us to give birth with as little fuss and as much love as possible.” - A B

Mother, Father & Baby in a birth pool after waterbirth


“The thing I found most amazing about having a water birth was the sheer comfort of it. I had my first baby in hospital and although I was told I could assume any position I liked, I found that coping with the contractions took all my energy and attention, and my body felt heavy and clumsy.

With the birth of my second child at home in a Blue Lagoon pool, I could cope with the contractions much better, The support that the water gave me was beautiful and so welcome, allowing me to assume the most comfortable position effortlessly at each stage.

Because I didn’t have to use any energy to move around, I had lots left when if came to the pushing stage, which happened quickly and effortlessly. I cannot think of a more natural or comfortable way to labour or a more gently birth for the baby.” - D L

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relaxing in a birth pool practising for a waterbirth
‘My birth pool was my haven!. Things really got going once I got in. My contractions seemed to settle into a rhythm, and I was oblivious of everything else’.
more testimonials

"Our four daughters have all been born in birth pools.  Our first, Gabrielle, at Birmingham Women's Hospital and Jennifer, Jamie and Phoebe in Blue Lagoon pools at our home in Southport. 

Annie's rigid-sided pools have done a superb job each time - I can't begin to imagine how an inflatable pool could begin to cope with the final stages of delivery.  You need something pretty substantial to lean on - I speak from experience of having my hands, arms, neck etc squeezed and crushed as I attempted to offer Susan support as our children were being born. 

The midwife who helped us at Phoebe's birth said the Blue Lagoon pool was the best she'd seen.  She'd had experience of helping a delivery in an inflatable pool - the result had been a soaking as the side squashed and let out a flood of water.  She also injured her back in the process.  So a rigid-sided pool is better for you, better for the midwife (and better for your house and furnishings!).  

Annie Renwick has also offered very helpful and friendly advice and an efficient service on all three occasions we have used her pools. 

If you're thinking of a home delivery Susan and I have no hesitation in recommending Blue Lagoon Birth Pools.“

Susan and John -  (October 2007)

“Tamara is my fifth child. Giving her a gentle entrance into the world was the kindest safest, most loving method we could think of for her to have the best possible start in life (not to mention the numerous benefit to the parents). We highly recommend the experience. Tamara’s birth was sheer magic.” - A H

“Using the pool at home was wonderful both before and during the birth. I found it invaluable to relax in.

Instead of spending my evenings moaning around trying to get comfortable, I would simply settle into the pool, with the family round the edge, playing scrabble or cards! By floating free in the water, all the weight was taken off my legs and it really helped my circulation. It meant I was free from all theaches and pains in my lower abdomen and legs and could totally relax. Such Bliss – and afterwards I slept like a baby – marvellous!

During the birth I was so relaxed I was actually dropping off to sleep between contractions quite effortlessly – I wouldn’t dream of giving birth any other way!” - S H

“Before my first daughter’s birth I was completely unaware of the incredible comfort I could gain by simply immersing myself in a large pool of warm water during labour.

Unfortunately my first birth in hospital was not very easy and I ended up feeling violated with a huge episiotomy, a Keilands Forceps birth and although Sophie was gorgeous, recovery was agonising and I was exhausted.

When my next baby was due I decided I want to try and give myself the ‘ideal birth!’. I hoped that if I got the environment right, with the right people around me my body would follow nature’s course and I would achieve a fulfilling and stress free birth. My way of doing this was to opt for a home water birth with an Independent Midwife from the Manchester Midwifery Practice to ensure continuity of carer. I was lucky and it all worked out the way I had hoped.


     Relaxing between contractions in birth pool prior to a waterbirth


With a home birth the availability of my own birth pool made all the difference. I got into the pool when I was ready for it and it was so wonderfully comforting. I remember so vividly the huge sigh of relief as I settled into the warm water

At last I was able to put into effect all the suggested position for a natural labour and birth! I found being in the pool made me feel relaxed and safe and took away the element of fear which has such a detrimental effect on the progress of labour, Following my first birth I was really uncertain about how I would cope with it again and it was such a relief to feel confident.

In the pool, my body was able to get on with the contractions and I could rest completely in the buoyancy of the water between them. Despite being quite a large person, I found the mobility was marvellous. I really benefited from being able to squat and kneel for long periods of time completely effortlessly, which of course facilitated a natural birth. On dry land I could never have achieved this.

A the age of 41 after a 5 ¼ hour labour, my second daughter was born in the birth pool at home in front of a cosy fire, lit only by fairy lights! The experience was magical and I felt so empowered - I felt ‘I had done it myself!’ – what a contrast to my previous birth two years before. No fear, no tension, no episiotomy or tearing, a quiet entrance into the world for little Alice and the joy of being in my own space with people I loved and trusted around me. I achieved the best birth I could hope for.” - A R

“I used a Blue Lagoon pool in hospital for the birth of my first baby and loved it! The birth was quite frankly amazing – I was so in control and I know this was wholly thanks to the pool. I had a completely drug free birth with no stitches – and David was 9 pounds 6 ounces!

The pool also gave my husband Peter extra confidence helping to allay his nervousness. Filling it and checking the temperature regularly made him feel useful! My midwife also has very good memories of my birth and wishes more women used pools in her hospital.

The thought of being able to hire a pool again for my next birth has given me a very positive attitude – I know I shall enjoy it! Next time round though I will certainly get in earlier as I had to wait quite a while through a slow painful early stage before they would let me use the pool. When I insisted on getting in at 3 centimetres dilated the comfort was so marvellous that I stayed in for the whole birth because the relief was too good to get out again!

We couldn’t recommend using a Blue Lagoon birth pool more. I feel everyone should be ble to enjoy their birth as I did – I’m telling all my friends” - T B


Mother and Father after a water birth in a birth pool


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