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Over the past 21 years we have run many birth workshops for Midwives and expectant parents helping to

facilitate this birth choice for women.

Quote from a participant who attended a workshop in September 2010:

'Yesterday's birth workshop was brilliant. I feel I can speak on behalf of all the University Campus Suffolk student midwives when I say that much was gained from the day on a personal and professional level. Thanks again for a fantastic day.'

Catherine Nixon

water birth workshop run by Blue Lagoon Birth Pools

Are you pregnant and looking at

your birth choices? Or are you a midwife looking to improve your confidence with water?

Come and enjoy one of our

next half-day

Practical 'Hands-On'


‘The Use of Water

in Childbirth - a Practical Workshop’

(Date to be announced


West Lancashire and Suffolk)

Sort out the Misconceptions & Gain Confidence in the use of water around childbirth, including waterbirth.

A highly experienced midwife runs the workshop and a birthing pool is always used for clinical demonstration.


Waterbirth Workshop - Trying out a birth pool

More than a thousand midwives and mothers & their partners have benefited from our very practical approach since the early '90's.

Rather than dealing with the use of water from an academic standpoint, we offer ‘hands on’ sessions with practical ‘down to earth’ advice.

We try to address both clinical and practical questions from both midwives and mothers and their partners.

During the day there is usually a discreet opportunity to try out a filled birth pool. We use a ‘model’ in the pool to simulate labour and birth positions.

Demonstrating positions suitable for labour and birth at a Blue Lagoon Birth Workshop

Within the day there are also separate group sessions for Midwives and Mothers.

Through this tried and tested approach we find that mothers and midwives are able to see things from both sides.

More confidence is gained as misconceptions are cleared away and practical advice is absorbed.


The practical session around a birth pool is very popular.

We have found that when evaluating the day participants predominantly grade it and the venue as ‘Excellent’.


Waterbirth Workshops dispelling misconceptions about water birth and the use of a brith pool

'Sort out misconceptions and gain confidence






Phone 07949 016877
Water Birth Workshop - trying out a birth pool
‘I found it much easier to cope with the contractions in the warm water. I’m so glad I chose this way to give birth.’
more testimonials


practising with a dolly at a Blue Lagoon Birth Pools Birth Workshop

Our Course Leader is always

Judith Kurutac


A midwife since 1973, Judith has practised in a variety of settings, including Labour Ward Manager, project work and as an independent midwife. She has been the Northwest LSA Midwife since 1998. Judith is focussed on clinical midwifery and assimilating women’s needs within maternity care. She has extensive experience of the use of water around childbirth for both hospital and home births. She has been running these workshops in conjunction with Blue Lagoon Birth Pools for the past 19 years in the northwest in her capacity as an Independent Midwife

and Annie Renwick

from Blue Lagoon Birth Pools

Course Location:


£29.50 each

or £27.00 for all student midwives and group applications of 6 or more midwives from the same NHS Trust

or £44 for an 'expectant' couple

Refreshments included

Certificates of Attendance issued

Course Description:

  • Midwives can discuss clinical issues & benefit from 'hands-on' training with the aid of a model in a filled birthing pool
  • Mothers can find out about using a birth pool to support their labour, with the option of a waterbirth - either at home or in hospital
  • Try a filled birth pool yourself, if you wish, and see how it can offer you comfort, freedom and effortless mobility in a soothing, private, warm environment - bring your swimming costume!
  • Practice or observe optimal positions in the pool, and learn how to work together with your midwife
  • For those planning a home birth, check out practical considerations, & discover how a birth pool can be used for relaxation before and after the birth too
  • Network with others who share your interest in natural childbirth -mothers and midwives working together!

These Birth Workshops are open to Mothers and their Partners, Midwives, Student Midwives, Doulas, NCT Antenatal Teachers and Trainee Teachers.

to register your interest

or for an


for an upcoming workshop

phone Annie for more information

on 07949 016 877

or email us at annierenwick@bluelagoonbirthpools.co.uk



Midwives enjoy a practical session round a Blue Lagoon Birth pool at a Birth Workshop






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