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Welcome to Blue Lagoon Birth Pools


Portable Birth Pool Hire
We are a major resource for waterbirth information and birth pool hire in the Northwest
and East Anglia


Portable Baptistry Hire
We also hire out baptistries for baptism
by full immersion.

07949 016 877




Are you pregnant

and thinking of a home birth?

Have you thought about using water to support your childbirth?

Here are a few reasons why you might consider it - but do browse through the whole website...

  • Effortless freedom of mobility
  • Soothing, private, warm, comforting environment
  • A BlueLagoon pool offers an attractive rigid outer construction providing a strong structure to brace yourself against in a variety of creative positions during labour and birth (something which is not possible with a 'blow-up' pool)
  • The buoyancy of the water ensures great comfort as you relax between contractions
  • Properly insulated for excellent heat retention - still warm hours after filling
  • Feedback from mothers and midwives over the past 17 years has shown us that these pools are considered far superior to any soft structured pools Go to 'Testimonials' to read about it
  • All necessary accessories included in a straightforward hire package of only £195 for up to 4 week's hire (see 'Hire Costs and Details' for more information)


Rewarding experience in a Blue Lagoon Pool; Our hexagonal birth pools designed specifically for their purpose

Where are we?

We have two locations in the UK

Skelmersdale in Lancashire

(The Northwest)

We have been based in the northwest - in Skelmersdale in Lancashire - since 1992.

Rendlesham in Suffolk

(East Anglia)

Whilst retaining our base in the northwest we opened a new water birth pool rental base in East Anglia in 2008 - in Rendlesham near Woodbridge in Suffolk

We also deliver throughout the UK.

email us

or call 07949 016 877

for more information


Mother and Father after a water birth in a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool

Midwives like our pools...

Midwives are enthusiastic about our design.

'We can lean in when necessary without fear of getting drenched, as with soft walled pools. Women can brace themselves against the walls if they feel like it because these pools are designed for their purpose and offer security and reliability for users and carers.'


Create an ideal environment for labouring and birthing at home with soft lighting, a supportive birth partner and the comforting use of a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool


Who runs Blue Lagoon

Birth Pools?


Annie Renwick

is a waterbirth mother herself with three children. She has a wealth of personal experience to draw on and always takes time to talk things through carefully over the phone with those hiring pools from us. She enjoys meeting those who hire pools and all those who come on the Water Birth Workshops seeking confidence in this birth option.

'If applicable, we always try to put you in the right direction for answers to your questions about using water for childbirth. Why not check out our 'Why Water?' page for some general information about this birth option'. Annie


Blue Lagoon Birth Pool : During Labour, View From Above
‘The warm water was so soothing and supportive that I gradually became more confident, more in control and yet more liberated!’ ‘Okay’ I thought, ‘I can do this!’’
more testimonials


A natural birth in a Blue Lagoon birth pool

'The pool has been amazing, thank you!  

Our beautiful baby was born in the pool

(10 days overdue and just time to have her

at home in the pool as our hospital don't

allow home birth past 10 days over)

and it was an amazing experience.

 I could not believe how much the water

helped me, I even fell asleep in the pool

in between contractions.  

Everything was so natural and instinctive

and went without a hitch'. JB  

The benefits of using

a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool

also include:

  • An elegant, compact, sturdy design
  • Designed for its purpose, offering a 'private' comforting space for labour and birth
  • Protective outer walls give low risk of liner puncture
  • Design facilitates ease of contact with those outside the pool, when required
  • Can also be used for relaxation before and after the birth
  • Easy to put together with strong interlocking walls - can be stored away ready for use
  • Constructed from sustainable materials - minimum use of PVC
  • Pleasing to look at, and when constructed looks like 'part of the furniture'
  • unblemished hygiene record
  • High percentage of hires are as a result of personal referral from midwives and friends
  • Pools can be collected from our Skelmersdale base in Lancashire or from our Rendlesham base near Ipswich in Suffolk
  • We also offer a nationwide delivery and collection service
  • Excellent personal service and attention to detail

Mother, Father & Baby in Birth Pool after water birth


Baptism by

Full Immersion

Another interesting use for one of our birth pools is as a portable Baptistry for Baptism by Full Immersion.

We are often asked for this service and offer a Long weekend hire at a reasonable rate

About to be baptised in a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool

Blue Lagoon Birth Pool ready for a baptism by full immersion

Those who have hired a pool for this purpose have said that a Blue Lagoon Birth Pool was an ideal environment in which to be Born Again.

Anyone interested should email us at



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